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If you’re anything like me, your ideal drama hero isn’t the cold chaebol with the icy exterior or even the perfect Daddy Long Legs caretaker. But I find noona romances particularly satisfying because they’re filled with gender reversals.

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He’s the classically brooding rebel teenager who’s misunderstood and assumed to be a terrible troublemaker when he’s really just a lonely kid with no one to take his side.

She’s a reformed misfit herself, and as his teacher she’s the first person in his life to stick to him like glue and tell him that she cares and that she’ll never give up on him.

It works, and he doesn’t just open up to her; he falls hard because he’s young and impetuous.

Mostly though, you just have to be willing to chase the girl of your dreams with your heart on your sleeve, whether on two wheels or four, or using your student bus pass.

SONG OF THE DAY Lee Seung-gi – “내 여자라니까 (Because You’re My Woman)” [ Download ] : A high school delinquent grows up with dreams of becoming a teacher, and manages to finagle a temporary position at a school under the condition that she keeps the biggest troublemaker of them all in check. This drama is pretty much a come to life, with imaginary sequences featuring the heroine literally kicking ass and taking names.

It’s one of my favorite noona romances in dramaland, and part of it is definitely the match-up between Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo-jin.Never mind that he’s actually older than her in real life; just go with the fiction.But if that were the only reversal in the game, there wouldn’t be much to write home about.The fun part of a noona romance is a reversal in the power dynamic—for starters, the heroine is strong, but she’s also often the boss, the teacher, the one who (outwardly) has her life together. The hero almost always straddles the man-boy divide, but often the heroine has as much growing up to do as he does.He carries a torch for her, thinking she’s unattainable (my favorite kind of drama angst).Once they’re together, age presents a real-world obstacle. All noona-killers aren’t rebels on motorcycles, but that’s the iconic dramaland image because they dare to go against the grain, even if it’s just by saying that age is just a number.