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More Londoners meet their new dates online than anywhere else in the UK, research reveals.

A third of people living in London use dating apps to find love – as opposed to the 25 per cent of people in the rest of the country.

The research, published by Dominos, also revealed that half of online daters like to snoop on their new match on Google or Facebook before meeting them in the flesh.

One Tinder user, 24-year-old Finlay Donaldson, said the busy London lifestyle makes it harder to meet new people in a traditional way.

He said: “I use tinder because, like a lot of people in London, my job has variable and long hours so it makes it easier having an app that helps you meet people.

“Also I have been told by people who are new to the UK that, for them, it is very much a way of meeting new people in what could be a daunting new place to live and work.” Mr Donaldson, a PR consultant living in East London, added: “Being a densely populated and large city there is a lot of activity.“I have met up with a few people so far, and while not all have been successful on a dating side it is a good way to meet nice people - I've met some cool people through it some of whom are just friends of mine now.” The survey of 1000 adults also revealed that the most popular day of the week to use dating apps like Tinder and Bumble is a Thursday, and most popular date for Londoners is a casual drink.“Injecting the tired speed-dating formula with balls” - Evening Standard “F**k Speed Dating!” - Notion “Chaotic but Hilarious” - London Lite "The hottest dating craze" - MSN "Thank heavens for Speeding Hating" - Le Cool "Go there! We're currently taking a break for the festival season but check back in the Autumn for details of more events!" - Daily Mirror "Thank goshness there’s a night dedicated to those of us who have not found ‘The One’ yet" - London Tired of dating events treating you like chopped liver? i-dating dating night promises the most alternative way to meet people you will ever find.Take part in the world-famous Speed Hating, have fun with Blind Hate, drink some beer and generally mess about.