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I said nice flip flops because you put a lot of strain on them walking down steep surfaces and you don’t want them to break in mid-trek.I had a pair of Olu Kai flip flops and I abused the hell out of them for over a year before they finally gave out.Granted, that happened to be on the final ascent of Mt.

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A pair of nice flip flops (thongs or slippers if you prefer) is a must. Unless you are just a beach bum, you will end up going on a trek in the jungle, perhaps even a mountainous region of jungle.There you will encounter super slick clay…soles on your fancy hiking boots won’t provide good traction and you will slip around.If you are unlucky or don’t have the best balance, you will fall a few times…if you are really unlucky, you may fall down a ravine and land on some rocks (thankfully I didn’t break anything) Meanwhile, the guide will likely be wearing flip flops and not slip one time.Eventually, I switched to flip flops for trekking and the difference was amazing.A pair of flip flops from some vendor on the side of the road would have lasted less than one trek.

If you insist on using hiking boots, then consider picking up a set of ice cleats.They don’t take up a lot of space and should help with traction issues on slick clay. For example every country in SE Asia has a highland region.In this region, they will grow either coffee or tea as well as “European vegetables” and strawberries.They are all very similar, so do some research and see if there is anything unique in a couple of them that you would want to see.After my third trip into a highlands area, the experience became rather blah.This advice goes for beaches, temples, and national parks as well.