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But NSW state law is not the only law that applies.

When you use the internet or a mobile phone, the national law of Australia also applies, even though you are in NSW.

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To learn more about what the law says, see our prezis: Sexting is using the internet or your phone to share nude/sexy pictures.

Sexting is a crime when it involves people under 18.

It’s also a crime when it involves harassing people of any age.

In NSW, the law says you can consent to both sex and sexting at age 16.

Child pornography is a picture of a young person who is: Child pornography can include real pictures, photo-shopped pictures, videos and cartoons.

But a picture is only child pornography if it is offensive to the average person.That’s why a picture of a naked baby in a bath generally isn’t child pornography, but a picture of a naked teenager in a bed could be in some circumstances.Hằng năm, vào tháng Bảy, chúng ta lại có dịp nhìn lại những việc đã và đang làm để đền ơn đáp nghĩa, tri ân những người đã ngã xuống vì độc lập, tự do của dân tộc.Tháng Bảy, được gọi là tháng tri ân, tưởng nhớ các anh hùng liệt sĩ đã ngã xuống qua các cuộc… In partnership with Children's Legal Services of Legal Aid NSW, we launched a project to give young people meaningful information about the laws that can apply to sexting and cyber bullying and to survey their opinions on the fairness of these laws.To see what young people had to say, see our report and our prezi.