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* * * Now, please allow me to take a brief interlude to identify the source of these “memes.” They come from a site called CREC Memes, Real issues with the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC).On the “About” page, we read: If you have never checked this site out, please do.I get a daily dose of mixed emotions when visiting.

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He shows how effeminate slackness leads to pornography, how being seduced is a failure to lead, why masturbation is lousy theology, and much more.Grace-centered masculinity should be self-disciplined and strong, not compromising and hypocritical. here on Wilson’s blog, we get onto the topic of homemade porn – – – something that could not have existed 200 years ago, let alone 2,000 years ago and Wilson tries to find words to say on the topic? Wilson breaks up his response into three discussion points: The wisdom and discretion point has to do with the idea that using technology to share personal porn can be dangerous as it can end up being viewed by someone other than the intended spouse.* * * Ok, we have some pretty wild descriptions and interpretations of “tasting” and seeing body parts that resemble wild animals in Song of Solomon, but beyond that, there’s that bit about not depriving one another and obviously sex for procreation, but what else really is there? I think by now we all understand these risks with technology, don’t we?The question would involve things like phone sex, nude pictures, cheesecake photos, homemade porn, and so forth.Full disclosure: JA’s shuddered when she thought of Wilson even broaching this topic in light of the previous brouhaha last year with conquer/penetrating and colonizing.

Ewwww Here is a brief summary of Fidelity, from which the conquer/penetration quote originated so you can get an idea of the scope of the book: Fidelity hits hard, offering pointed help to Christian males everywhere.Leaders are tempted to gloss over sexual issues, but Wilson uses clear language to confront specific sins with specific solutions.Next, the emotions take a wild swing to anger, sadness, or both, realizing what I had previously laughed at is in fact the reality for so many people in high-controlling, Patriarchal, full-quiver churches.I do let out a good bit of steam, so for that, I’m thankful! .recently, Wilson included two questions on his blog post regarding homemade porn. The CREC Meme site was quick to post a related meme.Special thanks to CREC memes for granting permission to post them here. Brace yourselves: * * * Q1: Is it necessarily sinful for a man to masturbate to “porn” of his own wife when away for long time? one can easily close his eyes and imagine memories.And the second question is like unto it: Q2: Should receiving nude pictures of your wife by “secure means” (when you know you two will be geographically separated for long periods of time) ever be encouraged with a large motivation of having the man be detracted from the temptation of other women a husband may encounter?