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When ecommerce was first introduced as a new concept there was a common belief that it was expensive and difficult to implement.

In truth, when ecommerce first came into existence it was often expensive and complicated to setup.

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In this article I will shed light upon some of the deceptive practices employed by a small number of processors in the payments business.

I want to strongly point out that this is in no way reflective of the industry as a whole.

There are a great number of honest and hard working professionals in the merchant services industry.

Your credit card processor will provide you with a merchant account.

This merchant account will be used to capture funds collected from credit card sales.

You will pay fees to your credit card processor for this service, and you need to make sure you will get what you expected.This article will help you to avoid some of the most common and damaging mistakes that business owners make when choosing their credit card processor.Technologies like Shopify exist to make ecommerce affordable and accessible to even the smallest of new and startup businesses.Similarly, most banks and credit card processors no longer see ecommerce as high risk.It is much easier to get a merchant account for credit card acceptance today than it was at the advent of ecommerce.Unfortunately, (and perhaps as a side effect of making ecommerce so accessible) some business owners tend to enter into a merchant processing agreement without understanding what they are getting into. A business owner must research and do proper due diligence before selecting their processor.