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When users aren't streaming, Looxcie's unique Instant Clip button lets people capture "instant replay" clips of what just happened.

Clips can be immediately viewed, edited and shared with the Looxcie companion app.


Looxcie isn't just a luxurious sounding word (and terrible pun), it's also a maker of life-casting head-mounted cameras.

Up until now, it would only let you capture your life in a rather pedestrian 480p, but the new Looxcie HD does away with that, letting you grab that bike ride in full glorious high-definition.

Other additions include Wi Fi (previous iterations relied on Bluetooth) to hook up to your Android or i OS device with, a larger 1,200 m Ah battery and improved low light performance.

Owners of previous models might spot that with new features comes a new, larger form. The price for the device, on the other hand, is 9, or 9 if you opt for the "Explore" bundle, which incidentally you can pre-order now. Looxcie Launches High-Definition Hands-Free Video Cam With Live Streaming Cam Delivers Crisp HD Video Recording and is First to Stream Live Video to Facebook SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept.

The Looxcie HD video cam will be available in several configurations - including the Looxcie HD Explore, which features versatile mounting options for ball caps, helmets or bikes, making it easy to record and stream hands-free right out of the box.

"With the ability to simultaneously record HD video and share a live stream on Facebook, the Looxcie HD resets the bar for hands-free video cams.People can now instantly share high-quality video from anywhere and to anyone," said Looxcie CEO Romulus Pereira.21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Looxcie, Inc., makers of the first hands-free mobile-connected video cam, announced today its greatly anticipated Looxcie HD video cam.With full 1080p recording and built-in Wi-Fi, the Looxcie HD captures razor-sharp video and can simultaneously share a live video stream with friends and family.The first wearable cam that offers direct-to-Facebook live streaming, Looxcie HD lets users create their own personal broadcasting network, with the ability to start either a public broadcast for anyone to watch or a private stream for only invited friends.And after the broadcast ends, the video is automatically saved in the cloud and can be shared on Facebook through the Looxcie App for Facebook.