Friendship dating courtship and marriage

New research studied non-engaged couples living together and what topics/situations spark uncertainty.

That said, is there really such a thing as a purely selfless lie?

This article summarizes research addressing this question.

Unfortunately, there are times when we dislike the person our close friend is dating.

Does this difference in attractiveness influence their communication? Recent work identified four strategies that individuals utilize when engaged in intrasexual mate competition to obtain and/or retain a mate.

As Valentine's Day approaches, people might be tempted to engage in drinking and texting former lovers. Why do we engage in cell phone communication while intoxicated? Individuals regularly lie to their romantic partners.

As one example, studies show that lies are told in about one out of every three interactions.One way to rationalize this deception is to view it as altruistic or selfless.Online dating is a common activity for many single (and married) Americans. The study reported here examined differences in relational maintenance between parents and non-parents.Still, just how old is that photo in the profile you're eyeing? Click to see what really explains differences in relational maintenance... The introduction of a child, though, changes the nature of one's relationship and results in competing demands.Living together before marriage is not uncommon, but living together before engagement may spark feelings of uncertainty.