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You know, for this whole series, she and Wes have had a very weird relationship.

She is always out to protect him, and I can't tell if it's because there is a Mrs.

Robinson thing that's going to happen or, as some of my Twitter buddies think, she is somehow his mother.

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The song premiered on Sony’s Times Square billboard on Thursday 16.

The R&B songstress reunites with Dave Meyers, who directed her video for “Lose Control” with Missy Elliott.

The Topshop’s new brand ambassador shows off her fit physique while suspended over a pool and showcases some sensual dance moves, helmed by choreographer Galen Hooks.

I'm still trying to process everything, so let's talk this out and see if I can relax.

Frank and Annalise are in the basement, discussing what to do about Rebecca and her dead body with the ease of two co-workers talking about beverages: "I like soy milk." "Meh, I'm more of an almond milk fan myself." Why are these people so chill?!

Probably because They're both a little evil, and that evil prevents them from acting how a normal person would in the presence of a dead body.

Anyway, Frank is convinced that Wes killed Rebecca, while Annalise isn't so sure.

Dressed in a black gown, she hits the ballroom floor alongside world-renowned dancer Aakomon Jones.

I'm pulling double duty for Vulture, recapping both Scandal, and another one in Shonda Rhimes's juggernaut: How to Get Away With Murder, which, thanks to last night's premiere, should be retitled How to Get Phoebe to Pray to Black Jesus (a.k.a.

Oprah) Because She Doesn't Believe What the Hell She Just Watched.

Seriously, every time it seemed like "It's Time to Move On" was pretty calm, something insane happened that made me reach for the inhaler I don't own.