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“White hat” researchers are hackers who are ethical and considered “good guys.” They monitor the internet for malicious hacking.

When Vickery found the breach, he reported it to Hzone.

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9 and “urged them to use their resources to contact the developer to get them to secure their database.

FTC did not respond to that request.” The database finally was secured Sunday night, Dissent reported.

“Unfortunately for its users, Hzone does not have a strong tech team, as their spokesperson admitted to Data in an email,” Dissent wrote.

“And users who decide that they do not wish to risk exposure from an app that may not have a great grasp of security appear to be SOL because it seems that Hzone won’t delete profiles.” Dissent gleaned that information from reviews of Hzone in the i Tunes app store.

On its website, Hzone has a link to “Partner Site HIV Dating Reviews.” That page includes reviews of sites that include Positive Singles, Poz Personals, Poz Match and HIV Passions, as well as Hzone.

How can you protect yourself from dating app security breaches?In a story reported for Imstilljosh in September, renowned cyber security expert Sean Sullivan of F-Secure Labs offered five tips on how to protect yourself on dating sites and apps. If you want money from us, I believe you will be disappointed.Due to a security breach, personal information from almost 5,000 user accounts on the dating app Hzone for people with HIV was leaked last week.Data reported Monday that “white hat” researcher Chris Vickery provided them with screenshots showing that information from users -- including their photo, date of birth, religion, relationship status, country, email addresses, ethnicity, height, last login IP address, username, orientation, number of children and password hash -- all had been revealed.Although the app is free, those subscribing to the paid features also provide their name, address, telephone number and credit card information.“In other words, it’s a leak that could lead to identity theft, extortion demands, or embarrassment,” Data reported.