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On a lark, I checked Yahoo’s ‘View your recent login activity’ link. Upon getting home I went about securing my account. Yahoo Email Security Failed The odds are that I will get another one of those emails because I learned just how easy Yahoo makes it for hackers.

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Email Abuse Help and use this process if you are unable to login to your Yahoo! Also, make sure to read the comments on this post since there is a tremendous amount of good information there as well.): Yahoo has introduced second sign-in verification as an added security measure.

We are at a red light on Sloat Boulevard when my phone started to vibrate.

I’ve had a Yahoo account for over 10 years without a problem, even as I moved my business accounts over to Gmail.

Shouldn’t my security questions have been presented in this scenario? I also have location history turned on, so it’s not just my own manually saved locations (some of which are ancient), but Yahoo’s automated location technology keeping track of me. A simple rule set could have been applied here where users are asked to validate identity if the login (even a successful one) is outside of a 500 mile radius of any prior location.

This obvious login anomaly didn’t set off any alarms? My locations puts me in three states: California, New York and Pennsylvania. Why is Yahoo making it this easy for spammers to hijack accounts? I still would have had to change my password (which wasn’t bad) but I would have avoided those embarrassing emails.

Sure enough at AM my account was accessed from Romania. In fact, Yahoo knows quite a bit about my location. Yahoo should have noted this anomaly and used my security questions to validate identity.