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They often benefit from our relationship with an executive search firm.

Career Coach Life-Coach Consulting Location: Redlands CA Specialty: People in career or life transition. Many clients get great results in that period of time.

For those seeking promotion and advancement, we use individual telephone coaching over a 3 to 6 month time period.

Scientifically validated DISC and Values assessments. For those seeking new direction, we use an approach developed at the Harvard School of Business.

Location: Bexley, OH Specialty: We work with people in career transition, both up the ladder and out of corporate life.

It was wordy, overdone, and out of touch with the realities of a '90s job hunt. Red Flags Flying Executive recruiters, professional resume writers and human resource managers say they've seen more poorly written resumes cross their desks recently than ever before.

So before you waste time, money and postage with a resume that will eliminate you from consideration, review the following common mistakes to make sure you avoid them in your documents: Mistake #1: No Dates Listed "I can understand that by leaving off graduation and employment dates, the candidate's intention may be to avoid possible age discrimination," says executive recruiter Edward M.Hughes, Vice President of Hughes & Podesla Associates in Somerville, N. "But most corporate recruiters use resumes to screen out rather than screen in candidates," and a resume without dates won't be considered, he says.From a recruiter's perspective, candidates eliminate dates on their resumes for only one reason: to hide information, such as a history of job-hopping or a long period of unemployment. Hughes suggests focusing only on the last 10 to 15 years of your professional experience. "You want to diminish the negative and do everything you can to get an interview.But the people on the recruiting end tend to be myopic to the fact that the economy has put many well-qualified senior execs into the position of having to vie for fewer jobs, and you have to be somewhat sensitive to that." Mistake #2: Few Achievements Shown The most frequent resume faux pas is to fill it "with unsubstantiated claims and too much industry jargon that doesn't sell the candidate," says Alesia Benedict, Executive Director of Get Interviews.com, a resume-writing firm in Rochelle Park, N. "A resume is a marketing document designed to sell your skills and strengths," she says.By including and highlighting specific achievements that present a comprehensive picture of your marketability, Ms.Benedict says that you'll attract many more interview offers. Employers want to know "what you've done lately, so including information from the 1970s is hardly relevant and can do much more harm than good," she says.