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In the United States, Quality, through its co-owned US subsididary Critique/Radikal Records, used featured tracks from "Dance Mix '92" to release the first of eight "Dance Mix USA" compilations, which proved to be popular with American fans through endless television and print campaigns.The last "Dance Mix USA" set released in America was in 1998 through Radikal. Starting in 1998, a new edition has since been released every year, with the title of the album reflecting the next year (thus why there is no Much Dance 1998, as the album released that year was released under the title of Much Dance 1999).

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In the United States, Quality Records released the set as Dance Mix USA from 1993 to 1998.Quality released the first Dance Mix album as Dance Mix '90.Two Years later, Muchmusic Dance Mix '92 was released with the Muchmusic logo on the cover and a series of advertisements on the channel.The final album in this series, Dance Mix 1997, was released by Quality without Muchmusic branding.Then, out of nowhere, he stormed the Billboard Top Ten singles chart with the surprisingly emotive "Just A Dream." met up with the St. It's just one may influence you differently than another. N: My inspiration for this album was basically geared inside me. Some people like to call it 'the big comeback album' or redeeming yourself or something like that, which I don't understand because had 5 previous albums and I only had one not to sell 4 million records.

Louis superstar MC, 36, as he promoted his signature Apple Bottom Jeans at Macy's during NYC fashion week – and we were let in on even more surprises, like the only lady in his life now – his new album, , is due out November 16. I'm excited, it's a little different, obviously. I came up with the title because if you know anything about Mustang 5.0, you know the classiness of it as far as the history behind it, and also the mystique. (Laughs) so it's kind of hard to consider it a comeback, but it's a part of the game.

But the tradition behind it, that's what I thought I was bringing with this album -- more of a classic Nelly sound. It is what it is, and I'm not going to complain about it.

Much Dance is a series of pop/dance albums featuring various artists compiled, mixed and released by the Canadian television station Much Music, beginning in 1997.

It continues a similar series released in association with Quality Records from 1990 to 1997 under the name Muchmusic Dance Mix.

In addition to the ordinary albums in the series, Much Music also released albums such as Much Dance 80's (2005) that included classics like Paula Abdul's "Straight Up." There has also been a volume of Much Dance 90s released, along with two #1 hits compilations.

In Quebec, the album are distributed under the name Danse Plus, based upon the channel, Musique Plus.