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Yet as we go through the dynamics, you will intuitively recognize it. But then you will also come to see why it has been, up to now, so rare.To start with, what do we mean by a conscious couples relationship?

In the last few years a new paradigm has emerged in couples relationships.One that is radically different from the earlier heights we all aspired to --that of a healthy relationship.This new conscious approach to relating intimately represents a complete shift in our orientation, the processes involved, and even the goals of our being together.And yet it offers a level of harmony, healing, passion and intimacy that is far beyond what weve come to expect. This paradigm is so new to us, we rarely see it clearly laid out anywhere. For it represents more closely the archetype that lies deep in our hearts than any other model of a life partnership.In a conscious relationship that connection is sacred.

Something magical happens when you feel connected and truly present together.You can always tell when your hearts are open to each other.Just as you can tell when your partner shuts you out of his or her heart, and goes unconscious in the relationship.Consciously preserving this connection -- enlivening it, deepening it, and consciously resolving everything which arises that threatens it together --thats a Conscious Relationship. There are two fundamental dynamics that we will need to master.On the one hand, there are dynamics that enliven our loving feelings, and nourish our souls.They include all of the caring behaviors and shared loving experiences that foster connection together. Then there are contrary dynamics that are driven by tension which threaten the love in our hearts and our connection together. This new path is about consciously working with both of these dynamics -- our love and our shadow.