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Says 18-year-old Priya Singh, "It gets easier to know someone's likes and dislikes through social media.

And especially if you've met once before, it becomes easier to communicate with them." Many resort to online dating since there's some suspense value to it, negating the dullness factor that breeds from familiarity.

Some prefer to skip it to avoid any sort of awkwardness in case they come across people who they know.

"You don't want them to know you're on one such 'finding love' app," says Joyet John, a SYBA student.

Nirmiti Chalapathi, a BSc home science student, has her own take to this. I find it very similar to uploading your profile on a matrimonial site, except that your parents aren't involved here," she says.

For the millennial generation, finding love is now just a swipe, like, comment and wink (emoticon) away.

With the advent of dating apps and social media, youngsters are finding it easier to zero in on their dates via these mediums. When compared to the mid-90s and early 2000's trends, this is relatively different, though.

While that was more out of curiosity about the concept, now it is the novelty it brings to their interactions. Even though house parties and meeting friends of friends during get-togethers and college fests is common, most find it easier to get to know each other via social media.

With Valentine's Day close at hand, we conducted a survey among college students in the age group of 17-21, wherein almost 73 per cent youngsters vouched for online dating. It's considered a great place to start conversations online, only to meet and hang out later.

"Apps give you an option to find people and if you're really interested in someone, you won't mind taking a step ahead to know them better," he says.

Resistance among the rest Those not resorting to online apps and social media do so because of a variety of reasons.

Says 22-year-old Siddhant Mohite, "I think people are most of the time fake and impersonal online.

Old-school dating style is a lot cooler." Many, in fact, are even unaware of the virtual dating sites and don't even know how to use it.