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I didn't grow up in a big city or around famous people at all.

It's an adjustment every single time we're out in public.

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And ironically, he really doesn't like big crowds, so he kind of shells up when he has to do anything outside of racing.

Appearances or any of that (stuff), and he's really good at it and you wouldn't expect that he's nervous.

But he's painfully nervous and shy having to walk into those things.

RELATED: Subscribe to NASCAR Illustrated Photo credit: Jim Fluharty Dale Earnhardt Jr. "Looks like auto correct is trail & error too." The exchange provided a glimpse into their relationship and how she playfully keeps NASCAR's most popular driver in his place.

sent a quick tweet before driving out of Michigan International Speedway with his fiancée Amy Reimann along for the ride. "That's kind of how we originally bonded to begin with," Reimann said.

"We're both very sarcastic people and we like to bust on each other a little bit here and there. We were siting in the car and I was reading through some tweets and he's like, 'Yeah, I really screwed that one up.' He didn't even have the chance to defend himself because he was driving, so I thought that was even more fun." Reimann, 33, hails from Victoria, Texas, and retains her small town sensibilities and easygoing ways despite living a much more public life these days.She discussed that ongoing adjustment and also provided some unique insights on her future husband.-- Kris Johnson NASCAR ILLUSTRATED: Have there been any challenges for you living life in the public eye?Has it been an adjustment dealing with so much attention? There have been moments where I've really struggled with it and then plenty of times when it doesn't bother me at all. If we're out at dinner and somebody comes up and literally sticks their phone in his face while he's eating his food, that's kind of annoying.I get that fans are excited but it's just funny when people lose their couth just to get a picture of him whether he's eating dinner or whether he's at the race track.It's just always an adjustment when you're not used to that.