James cole email dating scammer

But deepin my heart I truly know, you're the one that I love,and I can't let you go. So my love hope the distance wan't made me looseyou.because Love is a noble act of self-giving,offering trust, faith, and loyalty.

My love iwill want you to send the money to the hotelmanager,she will be the one to receive it from thebank my love,becuase she has the passport of thecountry which i don't my love,so i will urge you tokindly send it on her name so that they can get therebill's out of the money and i can also pay up someother little bill's and have the remaining in me forpocket use my love.i will be back in the first week ofapril my love and immediatley from the air port i willgive you a call to come and pick me up my love,againmy love what about your friend in the club hope youare still runing the the club my love,(The Flaming River Queens). My love i hope we are still going to orange and whitegame which is April 12?My love here is very boring to me i can stay withoutyou any more my love,all my heart is with you mylove,i will want you to send the money on the hotelmanager information.... My love you are to send the money to me in the nearestwestern union,so that the hotel manager can get itfrom the bank ok my love,all you have to do is get therecepit of the western union scan to me on this box sothat i can copy it for the hotel manager to receive okmy love,this information is what she will use toreceive the money in the bank my love,i shall bewaiting for this details below my love..1, Sender's name and address.. if so my love i will back firstweek of april for sure my love.Name of the receiver the hotel manager(MISS JENNIFERCRUST)Hotel Address.. My love i will be waiting for the western uniondetails ok and i will later call on you or betterstilli will get the hotel room number and send it to you okmy love. He sent me the address and also an international number to call him. Seriously who talks or sends an email like that in real life? MISS JENNIFER CRUST 10 BANK ANTHONY WAY IKEJA LAGOS NIGERIA 23401 WEST AFRICAHis email sounds like a bad rap song that doesn't rhyme so he keeps adding my love at the end of it.

To me that should be a red flag to anyone right there.Hello My love , Good Morning, i was very tried last nightso i coun't beable to come online to talk to you, andwhen i went to sleep last night with a smile because Iknew I'd be dreaming of you ...but I woke up thismorning with a smile because you weren't a dream.butall the same the most vital of it is that i reallymissed you so much.Before I sleep and after I wake upand all the hours in between,you occupy my mind.So,practically every moment of the day you are in mythoughts I miss you, Though miles may lie between us,we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't countthe miles, it's measured by the heart. and I may not getto hold you in my arms all through the night.