Kayden kross dating

So these Silicon Valley techies aren’t getting girls on their own?If they could do it themselves they wouldn’t need a site.

Founded in 2009, the site announced on Friday it was bringing on porn performer and producer Kayden Kross as its new president. Kross to congratulate her on the new position, as well as hear the latest about the burgeoning sugar daddies site. It has 3.6 million members, and brings on 3,000 new members every day.Are sugar daddy relationships getting increasingly popular? Why do you think people are into these relationships?I think because the traditional relationship isn’t necessary or accepted anymore.You have the stereotypical very old man with the young little bunny-type woman.But Arrangement Finders is seeing a big spike in men between 29 and 35. They’re young, working hard, and making money fast.

They don’t have much experience dating, but they know they want to start meeting women. Part of the uniqueness [of Arrangement Finders] is it’s not the one percent wealthy—the oil tycoons—it’s men whose average salaries are 5,000 a year.It’s still great, when you don’t have a family to support or a lot of recurring bills—that’s a huge amount of money to go and have fun with.It used to be you came out of high school, found your partner, settled down and attacked life together.Now there’s a much longer trail between education and settling down with a long-term partner.In the meantime, people still want to go out and have relationships, meet people, connect.Sugar daddies are really attractive for those who don’t want to settle down yet. Is it mostly really old dudes and super young women?