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The temple kitchen is located on side from where food for the deities are prepared for various rituals.Its common to see a central raised platform in front of sanctum sanctorium known as Namaskara Mandapam where tantric rituals are performed.The outer layer is called Chuttuambalam which features smaller shrines as well as ritualistic performances theaters. Most of the temples donot allow men/boys to enter into inner courtyard with their shirts or vest.

This article is a travel topic Kerala is very famous for its pilgrimage options.Most of the religious sites are deep-rooted with shades of strong myths, legends and many do have long historical tales of more than 1000 years to tell.They have centuries of tales to tell and the legacy coupled with art and architecture will be cultural connoisseurs favourites.Finding a temple, church or mosque is not a difficult thing, as its almost present in every nook and corner.Some temples enforces strict use of wearing Kerala Mundu.

However almost all temples donot allow wearing Lungis inside. Short skirts, tight jeans etc are normally not allowed.Some temples strictly enforce saris or Mundu Neriyathu to be worn inside. Cameras and photography are also strictly prohibited.Some of the popular options are listed below Hinduism is Kerala's largest religion and had deep rooted traditions in cultural fabric of the state.Most of the places in the state have a connection with a temple of the locality and many large cities are built around iconic temples where the presiding deities are regarded as protector/guardian god of the city.Kerala temples follow an unique architecture, easily to identify as Kerala has its own temple architecture science called Tantrasamuchaya which focus on energy flows for a temple.Each temple has an independent main sanctum sanatorium with an inner courtyard called as Nalambalam.