Letter to editor mandating vaccine

This sample assumes that your costs have increased; this is generally the case, but not always.If you are one of the fortunate people who benefits from the so-called “Affordable Care Act”, you will have to re-write this form letter accordingly.It also assumes that you are sending it to a newspaper; revise the first paragraph if you contacting an elected official. You likely have your own thoughts, opinions, and suggestions concerning the “Affordable Care Act”, and you should include them in your letter.

letter to editor mandating vaccine-2

”); and offer at least one viable option to fix our healthcare system beyond repealing Obamacare (e.g., “Allow insurance companies to openly compete across state lines”, or “Eliminate the incentives for frivolous medical law suits”). Avoid special formatting (bold, italics, etc.); papers generally don’t reproduce them when published.Stick to plain text, and use a simple block format for the letter. “Fill in the blanks” are denoted by underscores (“_______”). Providing hard numbers is much more effective than saying “My costs went up”.The portions where [you need to provide your own narrative are enclosed in brackets (“[XXX]”) for easy identification.] 5. If you aren’t comfortable including the name of your insurance company for your own reasons (e.g., you are involved in some sort of litigation, or your employer might not be happy about it), don’t, but include a statement why you aren’t.Avoid including personal information or details that you don’t want public (account numbers, your employer, names of individuals, etc). For example, “I will not be naming my insurance company because I have outstanding claims that are under negotiation.” 7.Read the letter, and make sure it is consistent for grammar, especially with sentence structure and tense. If the style in this form does not suit you, feel free to personalize it to what you are comfortable with.

Be sure to delete all underscores and brackets, and any instructions. The important part is that you share the information with others. When you submit this to any paper, please send a copy to: [email protected], or to WWTPP, PO Box 3232, Walla Walla WA 99362.We will publish submitted letters on our blog, and forward them to the national Tea Party organization.If you wish your name to be redacted, please say so when submitting the letter. Suggested destinations for the letter: Senator Patty Murray 154 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, D. 20510 On line submission: Dear [salutation]: There’s been much discussion in the media about the Affordable Care Act, and how it is affecting people across America.Some of the stories cover the good side, and some do not.I want to share how it has affected me: Before the individual mandate came into effect, my health insurance was provided by __________________.The premium was $_______ every _______ [year, month, 2 weeks, etc.]. The policy covered the needs of myself and my family, including [list any special needs of yours].