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Brought together by chance, Tala and Leyla form a slow bond that grows deeper with every minute they spend together.

Inspired by Leyla's fearless commitment to Tala, Leyla's sister and Ali make it their mission to reunite the two girls.But before Tala can be truly happy with Leyla, she must first define for herself what true love really means.Lalla Essaydi’s career as an artist has encompassed painting, mixed media, and video, but recently she has devoted herself to photography, and to sumptuous explorations of the image of woman in Islamic society.Essaydi was raised in Morocco and spent many years in Saudi Arabia, and although she was educated in Europe and the United States, this experience of traditional Islamic life was fundamental in shaping her.Her first major photographic series to explore this was Converging Territories (2002-4), which depicted Islamic women and children in an unoccupied house where Essaydi was once confined for long spells as a child, whenever she was disobedient.

The series which followed this, Les Femmes du Maroc (2005-7), expanded this further, exploring the charged rhetoric of veiling and revealing which surrounds Islamic women.

Essaydi’s photography provides a contemporary reflection on an iconography that stretches at least as far back as the Orientalist imagery of nineteenth century artists such as Ingres, Delacroix, and Gérôme.

Shamim Sarif's autobiographical novel serves as the inspiration for this film directed by the author, and concerning two women from deeply diverse backgrounds who discover that the love between them is too powerful to deny.

Tala (Lisa Ray) is a London-based Jordanian of Palestinian descent.

She's a spirited Christian in the midst of planning her wedding to her handsome Jordanian fiancé.

Leyla (Sheetal Sheth) is a shy Muslim who's currently dating Leyla's best friend, Ali.