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Sterling Finance Company® provides small loans to people in need. Now more than ever, Sterling has what borrowers are looking for. But the important message here is not simply longevity, it is dependability.

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If your biggest challenge is high interest rate credit accounts (like store credit or credit cards), combining these into a single debt consolidation loan (a personal loan) with a lower interest rate might be your best option.

Consumers facing more challenges can consider credit counseling (which pairs you with a credit counselor who helps you develop a payoff plan) or debt settlement (which involves negotiating new terms on your debt.) The most important step is deciding to do something.

Combining your existing debt into a single payment has many advantages including: Paying less every month: By using a personal loan to payoff other higher-interest rate loans, you spend less on interest payments every month.

That way, you reduce how much you spend over the lifetime of a loan.

But if you're interested in learning more about how the debt relief process works, Debt has many highly rated interactive tools and resources to let you hit the ground running.

NDR is a BBB-accredited, New York-based business with a host of awards and accolades.

With a passion for helping Americans rid their lives of burdensome debt, NDR has negotiated settlements for thousands of creditor and collection accounts. Are you avoiding the phone because the collection agencies keep calling?

Your financial struggles don’t have to end by declaring bankruptcy.

Making things easier to manage: Instead of writing multiple checks to different financial institutions every month, you write one.

This eliminates the need to remember which loan to pay, where to send each payment, and on what day of each month the payment is due.

) The following are three ways to reduce your debt.