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Haplogroup K or K-M9 is a Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup.

A descendant of Haplogroup IJK, K-M9 and its descendant haplogroups comprise a populous geographically diverse haplogroup; they have long been found in men on every continent other than Antarctica. Haplogroup L is found at its highest frequency in Pakistan, western India and among the Balochs of Afghanistan.

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Description: This Philippines map is freely downloadable for personal use only.You can buy this Philippines map in different resolutions (72 dpi or 300 dpi) and formats like AI, EPS and PDF.This map is also available in black and white colors.To customize this map, × Disclaimer : All efforts have been made to make this image accurate.The first European inhabitants arrived on the islands in 1521, through the expedition of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who claimed the land for Spain.

Colonization, however, only occurred in 1565, through the efforts of Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, who arrived from Mexico and established a settlement on the island of Cebu.

The Philippines was pretty much an Islamic region when the Spanish arrived, who were the ones responsible for naming the archipelago, in honor of King Philip II of Spain.

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History The oldest known inhabitant of the Philippines was the Callao Man dating back 65,000 years ago.

The second oldest was the Tabon Man of Palawan, whose skeletons were carbon-dated to over 24,000 years ago.

The first know migrants are known to be that of the Austronesians that came from Taiwan in 4000 BCE.