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What happened that caused them to become so self conscious? And it is an art and has taken me years to master how to teach it.This became my quest, to learn the fine art of helping people to relax in front of the camera. Because ultimately when you scratch the surface of this particular bit of tension…what unravels is years of learned body resisting behaviour. I am a plus sized woman and have been all of my adult life …even during my 10 years in the military.I was weighed and measured and my career advancement was dependent as much on the size of my rear as on my work ethic and intelligence.

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I am about two sizes more flush than I was when I was in the military…I’m well into my 40’s now but I have learned a comfort and ease.So when I started this studio it was about making Art…I became a master at that…but what it has evolved into is so much more. I have a very good humour about my lumpy bum but I have also learned how to shape it when a camera is around and I know its good side :). The difference being is an honouring of the bum while you move it into a graceful position. It comes from a gentle place of honouring instead of rejecting. I have learned that Honouring your body is about non resistance while at the same time loading heavy doses of gratitude and kindness on it.It is about helping you to get out of your own way and learn to celebrate the gift of your perfectly imperfect in the now, not at some future date, body and I use my camera as a catalyst to do that. When you know the tricks of being photogenic you will never be caught short again.I had a different body shape than what society deemed the right one for this particular time in history (I would have been considered a goddess at other times).

The truth was though that I bought the BS hook line and sinker.I felt something was wrong with me and I fought against my own body.I have spent the last several years unravelling that thread and I can say from the bottom of my heart that I finally learned to treat the skin I am in as a cherished best friend.Knowing you have a collection of images that you can use at the drop of a hat to promote you and your work.These three are a handful that I worked with as a Photogenic Coach.Here is what they had to say about the usefulness of it.