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At age 13, he broke his right leg in a skiing accident and had a titanium rod put in to stabilize his leg.

Doctors foresaw long-term difficulties and little possibility of a dancing career; however, he recovered and was dancing again six months later.

He eventually became a professional Latin Ballroom dancer, with the details of the recovery from the accident presented on a 2010 episode of the television show Celebrity Ghost Stories.

The family immigrated to Brooklyn, New York in 1994.

Moving to the United States also gave Chmerkovskiy the opportunity to rededicate himself do dance.

At 15 he began working at a local Russian restaurant, dancing as entertainment.Working at the restaurant, Chmerkovskiy decided winning competitions as a dancer would be a way to argue for higher pay.Also be sure to download only from sites you trust and remember to always check the site's Privacy Policy first.Latin-ballroom dance champion, choreographer, and instructor. He is widely known as one of the professional dancers on the American television series Dancing with the Stars, on which he first appeared in season two.In 14 appearances as a competing pro on the show, Chmerkovskiy made it to the final round five times, with two runner-up and two third-place finishes.On May 20, 2014, Chmerkovskiy, paired with Olympic ice dancer Meryl Davis, won his first Dancing with the Stars title.