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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 1 STATISTICSChapter Preview The purpose of Chapter 1 is to present:1.

an initial image of statistics that includes both the key role statistics has in the technicalaspects of life as well as its everyday applicability,2. basic ideas and concerns about the processes used to obtain sample data.

Section 1, at the beginning of each chapter, primes the student for the concepts that will bepresented in the chapter.

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The instructor will need to determinewhether or not the students understand the basic concepts.2Chapter 1: Statistics The graphics in this section give information about the sample (the number of people surveyed).

Bewatchful of articles that do not give any of this information.

Sometimes not knowing something about thesample or survey size causes a question of credibility.1.6Answers will vary. inferential1.9a.b.c.d.e.married women, ages 25-50, who have 2 or more children1,170how often moms say they have a date night with their spouse18% of those surveyed say they have a date night every 4-6 months.(0.18)(1170) = 2111.10a.b.c.d.e.f.

The exercises from this first section (some found at the end of the chapter, others availableonline) are also excellent introductions to statistics and how they can be presented.

Thedifferences, similarities, sources of information, sample sizes (if given), and so on should bepointed out to the students.

This discussion, in addition to the learning of basic statistical terminology (as presented in Chapter 1), prepares the student to find and question everyday statistical presentations.

Bring innewspapers and/or magazines and have groups of students find a form of statistics whether it is agraph, percentage, average, and so on.

This raises their awareness and reinforces the concepts. Internet visitors at the website.631/63 = 0.01587, 11/63 = 0.1746, 16/63 = 0.25397No. length of time before a Wi-Fi user gets antsy and needs to check their messagesc.

Encourage students to bring in their own examples for possible extra credit projects. Only people who visited the site and wanted to answer the question did so.1.2a. It does not appear, based on the list of averages given, that Java professionals work a 40hour week.c. 47% of those people surveyed say they get antsy within one hour about checking their email,etc.1.4a. 5% of those asked replied that they made their bed weekly.1.5Answers will vary There are many new definitions introduced in this section.

Include examples that the students canrelate to, such as, the average age of a student at your college. Students also have difficulty with the difference between variable and data.

Exercises 1.26 and 1.59 are good for classroom discussion.