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Some of the facts of life about Chile will offend some people, others will be nonplussed by them and still others will be very encouraged. I pull no punches when I write about life in Chile, presenting both the good and the bad as I have experienced it. First, visitors (including female visitors) should never be allowed to clean up or wash dishes, unless they have been over many times.

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Also, a visitor should never be left unattended or alone in the house.

Second, a woman is to have dominion over the household.

If something is in disorder or a child misbehaves, she is at fault.

The hostess serves the guests and the family, or the maid does it.

Fourth, a woman may either wear a short skirt or show cleavage but not both.

Those who do both things, and especially if they also wear high heels or leather boots, will be in danger of being confused with prostitutes. If single woman is not attracting a man’s attention then she is doing something wrong.

The same is true for married woman since the perception in Chile is that men tend to be unfaithful or to stray and thus a woman must keep herself attractive.

Visitors (especially) and husbands and sons do not have to help serve dinner, set the table or clean up (even though it is considered a “rare” and “beautiful” thing when husbands do so). Young girls serving hoer d’oeuvres to guests is considered cute.

Third, a woman’s role is to be a good hostess, a good shopper and to take kids to school or other events.

A man is to work mainly, even if he does occasionally help out with the aforementioned items (especially on the weekend).

Family pride depends largely on the woman and how she makes her home warm and her family appears well-groomed and well-mannered.