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You can try real decorator products for inside and outside your home.You can style your home with accurate colours and textures.You can communicate exact requirements to contractors and suppliers.

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My Virtual Home will help you design and visualise your dream home or new renovation.

You can try building products in the context of your home.

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Please refer to our Privacy and Terms for further information. Want to preview how great and awesome your dream home with look with whatever design and décor ideas you have in your mind?My Virtual Home is powerful software that can let you tweak, design and replace objects and styles around your home in a computer simulation.It is a cost-effective and time-saving piece software that is designed to help you build your dream home on paper so that you avoid making any unattractive changes to your house later.My Virtual Home is used by professional architects, interior designers and even casual users.Due to its ease of use, the program takes care of all the complex processes involved in making models of housing structures.