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Let’s take a look at what’s currently required for 2016 if you have serious interest in this most exclusive credit card: When the card first came out, the annual fee was “only” ,000.

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A: The qualifications for the American Express Centurion card (a.k.a the “Black Card”) haven’t really been altered significantly since the card was first issued (in stealth mode) in 1999, but American Express has always been very strict about who gets to enter their posh club (as in the card is “by invitation only” and that’s just the beginning).

Although the American Express black card requirements have grown even tighter over time, that hasn’t stopped the exclusive member base from ballooning. According to some investigative work a few years ago regarding the number of lucky individuals who have the American Express Centurion card, it is estimated that possibly up to 100,000 people worldwide have the card, with roughly 20-40% of those cardmembers being based in the United States.

The American Express black card qualifications include spending 0,000 in a given year on another Am Ex card.

That means you must have an existing American Express card (most likely a Platinum Card) for one year or more, and spend (and pay off) at least 0,000 over the course of a year.

Now, I bet those early cardmembers are happy they got the card for “only” a single grand, right?

The Centurion has gone back and forth from being invitation only to open application.

Currently, it is back to being offered by invitation only, but I’m sure if you met the spending qualifications on an existing Am Ex charge card and were willing to pay the fee, you could make inquiries and be given the opportunity to apply.

When the card was initially released it was only offered to a few thousand people (celebrities, wealthy business moguls, etc).