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The post was made after Lyne was reported missing but before her remains were found. He said he had spent the night at her house several times before.

Charlton (pictured) used his Facebook on Saturday at 10.21am after the 40-year-old was already reported missing.

Evidence such as telephone call records led detectives to arrest Charlton at a home in Lake Stevens, Washington Her body parts were packaged in translucent trash bags and dumped about 2.7miles away from Safeco Stadium.

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Her dismembered body parts were found in a recycling bin in Seattle Saturday afternoon Charlton (pictured) appeared in a preliminary court hearing today at the King County Jail Courtroom, but the judge ordered that his face not be shown, saying he didn't want to prejudice a potential jury trial.He is suspected of second degree murder and held on million bail The petition was later dismissed at the parents' request, but Ray said: 'During this time frame, he removed a movie from the shelf called Hannibal, set it in front of my wife and told her she should watch this and "beware".' Charlton had at least two profiles on the dating websites Plenty of Fish and Mingle2It is unclear how the two met online, although KIRO7 reported someone sent in a POF dating profile that appeared to be Lyne's.Detectives investigating the gruesome murder of a woman whose head, leg, and arm were dumped in a recycling bin in Seattle found a 15-inch pruning saw, blood, and bits of flesh in her bathroom, court documents reveal.John Robert Charlton, 37, who is suspected of second-degree murder, told investigators he was too intoxicated to remember what happened after the two left the game and returned to her Renton, Washington, home.

He has a lengthy criminal history in six states and served jail time in Utah and Montana.

His own parents, Ray and Jo Ann Charlton filed for a restraining order against their son in 2006 because they feared for their safety following his drunken outbursts.

Lyne's ex-husband Phillip Lyne, whom she divorced in 2014, reported her missing around am Saturday morning, when he tried dropping off their three daughters, aged 7, 10, and 12, and found the house empty. In the 'About Me' section on Plenty of Fish, he writes, 'My intent here is simply make friends and meet up for a good conversation..much of the crowded bar or club type.

Mellow and quiet is more my scene,' adding, 'I'm not here for dating. This is not some scam to get laid either' Lyne's ex-husband notified her mother Jorga Bass, who checked her daughter's phone records after she went missing.

When Bass texted Charlton's number asking for help, the 37-year-old replied: '911? 'Investigators believe Lyne was killed in Renton and then driven to Seattle, where her remains were dumped, King County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Jennifer Worley said Tuesday during Charlton's bail hearing.

When Charlton was taken into custody and questioned, he said he was too intoxicated after the Mariner's game to remember how they got back to her house and what 'transpired when they got there', court documents state Lyne's friends grew suspicious of Charlton when he couldn't be reached, even though he made a bizarre posting on Facebook Saturday morning, saying he had started going to school at 'All OF Them'. We went to the Mariners game last night but we didn't stay the night together because she has her kids today..sure what she has told you about me and our relationship.'When the murder suspect was taken into custody and questioned, he said the two had returned to her home in her car after the Mariner's game on Friday, court documents reveal.