One month dating gift ideas

While January might be the most popular month for online dating, it's also full of potential landmines for new relationships.After all, Valentine's Day comes up before you know it in February, and it's hard to figure out what will be appropriate in terms of a gift for a new relationship.

While a key to your place might be jumping the gun a little, if you've been getting increasingly serious, something that shows commitment without a giant price tag (like a pre-paid-for outing for a future date) can be ideal.

Below, check out 30 ideas for gifts to give your new boyfriend for Valentine's Day.

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And we welcome more suggestions in the comments below!

Bring him/her to a tearoom and sing a song for her/him there.

And the only who can come up with the best creative idea is you! Just think of something he/she likes and what does he/she needs now! If you still remember how your first date like, do it! Bring him/her to a coast, watching sunset together and have dinner.2. Wear the same cloth when you first met, when to the same restaurant ( or wherever it is). Take a chain of little lights and set it up in your house, on each chain put some pictures of you 2 on it. And when you are there, it would be awesome if you have a picture of your first date to show him/her.3.