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Fortunately some people have figured out ways to get themselves off, although there is no certain set of rules.

If you are on the American Express blacklist then it will become evident pretty quickly.

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Today I am going to talk about a problem that many people with past bad debts (bankruptcy or otherwise) have with American Express.

American Express has a number of tremendous credit card products.

Unfortunately if you ever screw up and “cross them” you may find yourself on the so called “blacklist”.

Join over 4,000 people who are subscribed to receive a once daily email with all of our posts. Additionally, American Express does not publish any rules for getting off of their blacklist nor do they acknowledge that such a list exists.

I start with this, because I have not linked to any specific resources.

I don’t have specific links, but a Google search for the term “American Express Blacklist” will result in much of the information presented here. Note: Information conveyed in this post is based off of the experiences of several friends along with experiences of others that I have read in a number of forums over the past year.While they have never officially confirmed such a list exists, many people have their social security numbers flagged and are not able to get American Express products.According to reports, suing American Express or defaulting on any sort of debt with them will gain you a spot on their blacklist.Once on the list, you aren’t able to get any sort of credit card product from them, although it appears you are able to get cards like Bluebird or Serve.Since American Express has many generous products and sign-up bonuses, it can be very damaging to find yourself on the list.