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Photos tend to be of a sufficient quality but there are a few fuzzy faces on this site which should have been weeded out by the admin team.

The FAQ section is pretty abysmal, with just a list of questions and answers, in no particular order.

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You may have noticed that Singles is quite low priced in comparison to other sites.And so it should be, using it feels like shouting into an empty corridor which has been painted in beige.Okay so we’re being a little harsh, there are members on here and perhaps simplicity isn’t always a terrible thing, but frankly this site just doesn’t compare with others out there, even if it is cheaper.There are no success stories on the site so chances are that people who used Singles are still single. Search results were acceptable but not great, particularly given that the search options are so limited.

In fact we might go as so far to say it’s a bit boring. You can send and receive messages (just not between two free members), browse and search through profiles, add photos and icons to your own profile and, well, that’s about it really. In defence of this site, they do allow you use most of their features as a free member, there just aren’t many of them. Well, perhaps that’s all you want to do, which is fair enough, but a lot of features could help you to find and talk to members in a more exciting and varied way.Its communication tools are fine, but basic, and its search features leave a lot to be desired.You can however filter your results to show those nearest to you or those who are best matched to you, which is important because otherwise you’ll spend a lot of time having to trawl through members who live on the other side of the country.A lot of the content on Singles is free, so it’s worth a shot.