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Since then, she has experienced several changes in her life in the way people view her role in society and her body, in a process that she defines as the disappearance of her male privilege.During her ongoing transition, her appearance is rapidly changing and her figure is becoming more and more feminine, but her personality, her knowledge and her qualifications are still the same.

Now displaying nameserver activity for for the date of February 10, 2014.To find the most recent nameserver activity, view recent activity for or perform a new search. Does society have unfair expectations towards individuals because of their gender? These are the type of questions that Courtney Demone is attempting to answer in her battle for gender equality.She was born and raised in Canada as a heterosexual male, but she later decided to transition to female about one year ago to live her true gender identity.I still treat others with the same care and respect I always have.

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