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Just under half of all broadband connections now have either no data cap, or have access to 50 gigabytes (GB) or more per month.Notes: • New Zealand is currently upgrading to ultra-fast broadband (UFB) in its towns and cities. You can check on this map to see if UFB is available in your area.UFB will allow download speeds of at least 100 Mbps and upload speeds of at least 50 Mbps. • If you are close to your data maximum, most ISP’s will send you a reminder and give you the option to increase your date allowance.

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• Unlimited data option usually has a fair use policy.• Vodaphone offers VDSL speeds at the same price, subject to location.With Naked Broadband you do not need to purchase a traditional land-line phone package.You may need to know a phone number in the area you are interested in.Enter a phone number to discover if Broadband is available in that area.

If you are situated close to a broadband exchange cabinet, you may be able to get VDSL which uses the same copper lines as ADSL but gives you much faster broadband.

Typical speeds can be up to 3x faster than standard broadband.

The table below lists broadband prices from several companies.

Most broadband plans in New Zealand traditionally have a data cap, however one third of all broadband internet connections are now uncapped.

Fibre connections account for 5 percent of all broadband connections. Spark’s (formerly known as Telecom) network delivers broadband to most New Zealanders.

Smaller companies compete with Spark but they still use Spark’s network to carry their service. You can test whether broadband is available in any location using this tool on Spark’s website.