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Videos are also zipped for download, though who knows why.


I don't think images get much better than this!You can tell that a professional shoots these pics because the lighting is excellent and the framing is near perfect.All shots zero in on the pantyhose, and while sets may start out softcore, the pantyhose are soon ripped for a bit of hardcore action.The menus are easy to follow, but complete with quite a number of options.As you enter the site, for example, you're greeted by a newsletter update giving you the gossip on what's new, including two big announcements regarding the bonus sites Nylon Addict and Leg Addict that you get free with your membership.

Other content that enhances the site includes One-On-One Cam Shows, a Journal by the web-hostess, Izzy, a web cam, chat, erotic pantyhose stories bloopers and a couple of original ideas like 3D pantyhose photos - 3D as in the kind you need a pair of red-and-blue glasses to see, which is something I had never seen in any porn site!

- and audio clips for those moments when you need a voice to tell you what to do. There are five main photo galleries, and there's also a terrific option download any of the sets in zip files - any of the overwhelming 607 set of pictures.

It's funny how a porn site's reputation can precede itself.

Even before arriving for the first time on Pantyhose Addict, I had heard of it, and I've heard only great things.

So, I'm eager to find out just what kind of fetish trip I am in for!

The members' area is well organized and has a stylish design that immediately lets me know that there will be some sophisticated content for the Pantyhose Addict.