Philadelphia dating scene

Mac's unloving dad Luther is in jail on a murder charge, and Mac and Charlie seek to prove his innocence with disastrous consequences.

Back at Paddy's, Bill Ponderosa has arrived and announces his plan to drink himself to death, so Frank, Dennis and Dee seek to either stop him from doing that or profit if he goes through with it.

The gang appears as contestants on Family Fight, a fictional game show.

Dennis, Dee, Charlie, and Frank attempt to honor Wade Boggs by breaking his record of drinking "50" to "70" cans of beer when they go on a cross-country flight to Los Angeles, with Mac tallying number of beers drank, due to losing the "chugging contest" to decide who qualifies for the game.

Dennis and Frank try to beat each other to the mile high club, Charlie and Dee hallucinate from excessive alcohol consumption, Mac smuggles an entire suitcase of beer onboard, and Frank gives a frat boy a possibly lethal dose of sleeping pills. Dennis is obsessed with a website that allows women to rate their dates with men, even trying to use The Waitress as an ally in his quest for better reviews.

Frank tries to coach Mac and Charlie on how to suppress their gross, crazy, or Anti-Semitic thoughts so that they can be effective daters.

Dee sleeps with many men in order to give them a bad rating."Psycho Pete", a man Mac and Charlie know from high school who was accused of killing and eating his family, returns from a mental institution.

Mac and Charlie try to make him "fun psycho" again as he now appears to be calm and soft-spoken; while Dennis, Dee and Frank try to get rid of him with some help from Rickety Cricket.

Charlie is fired up to get Paddy's ready for its annual health inspection, but the Gang's scam involving airline miles, steaks and chickens and a series of other obstacles lead to a dizzying day of problem-solving for him.The gang goes in separate directions as a result of frustration from missing out on a boat ride.Dennis starts trying to control his anger, Dee and Charlie team up and start doing "def poetry" together, Frank tries to join a "new gang" who are opening a new bar, and Mac decides to start dating hotter women.After finding out that Mac and Charlie have recently joined a cult, Dee finds out that Dennis has created the fake cult to trick Mac out of eating his thin mints.Dee and Frank use this to try to rebuild Mac and Dennis' old apartment.For Ethan Fixell, a blind date went a little sideways when she was not quite what he pictured. that's why I wanted to talk about it in person.