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It's not like a 55-year-old is trying to get with a 16-year-old.

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Recently I continued with my upgraded membership 5-26-MAY and all of a sudden I could not get into my account. My account has been shut down for NO reason and my money was refunded for NO reason. I was traveling and using my cell to access my account.When I got back I got online and found a number to call from the net 855-552-5590.I had called to find out WHY my account was not accessible. They're people using computers to entice you to buy membership. Then she said I needed to write a check for 0 and she would have the IP address removed from my IP address. My bad experiences started when someone hijacked my profile on POF which was username "**," my old username he stole and 3 times I clicked on the report user button and 3 times my new accounts were deleted and on the 4th new account I was deleted again after a couple of minutes and not even used the new account. She showed me on my pc where about 15 IP addresses were listed on my pc from overseas.

She said she was from POF and she talked me into letting her take over my pc.

I called that ph # for POF she listed here and got someone from India.

I also had the same experience as Missy here dated June 16 '16.

Ripping off people's emotions, personal feelings and our money.

I guess this is what you get when it's free - go America.

BEWARE--I have been an active member on your site for years on and off.