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You are not on any set time schedule like you are with off line dating. Online dating offers you a certain amount of anonymity and allows people to be a little more candid than they are in person. Even the shyest person can be open and relaxed online. While online dating works out great for a lot of people there is always a few risk factors you should keep in mind when you are setting out to find that special someone online. They want to find that special someone but a small percentage of the people that frequent online dating sites are motivated by less than honorable motives. There is always the risk that the person that has caught your eye is not being honest.

There has been a great amount of success for people with online dating because people that you would not normally consider as a potential match may be considered online. Just as the online dating sites allow you a certain amount of anonymity to make you feel comfortable they also offer a great place to become what someone wishes they were but in fact are not.

It is an easy place to exaggerate about a ton of things like income, career, education and unfortunately even marital status. In most cases the non truths that are told are simply disappointments but ultimately there is always a danger that there could be a real threat as well so do keep your eyes open and understand that “too good to be true” usually means that it is. Protect your personal information like address, work place and other things that you would not someone to have that you do not know.

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Based on the information you provide suggestions will be made regarding potential mates. Online dating also makes it very easy to meet people that are not in your local area.

Can you imagine meeting someone half way across the country any other way?

One of the clear pros of online dating sites is that you have a much wider audience to choose from. Of course the fact that you can review and “chat” with someone online removes some of the awkwardness of meeting someone in person on a blind date that you may not be attracted to or that you find unappealing after about half the date.

Online if you are not interested it is a lot easier to say I am not interested in you or to simply no longer respond to the conversation and move on to the next one in the cue. Another pro of online dating is that you can take your time and browse.

Every single person has heard from a friend or family member how they should be checking out the online dating websites and if that is not bad enough if you are single you also get to meet all those people that have met online and are now married.

Media markets are chock full of online dating advertisements the choices it seems are endless when it comes to the number of sites that offer “specialty population” services like dating sites for farmers or that are based on a particular religion. Online dating opens up a world of opportunity that you may never have if you stay in your own back yard.It is a huge industry that offers people a way to meet people that they would never have met otherwise however there are some pros of course but there are also cons to the online dating scene. Using the traditional routes to meet the perfect partner can be very difficult.BEFORE you consider the online dating scene consider the following. Online dating gives you the opportunity to weed out people that do not have the same interests. Most online dating sites require that you fill out a profile that asks questions about your interests and beliefs and utilize this information to find potential matches for you.They use photos where they look their absolute best obviously. So do keep your expectations realistic when browsing online dating profiles.The other con that comes to mind is the sheer number of choices!While it is nice to have options, having a thousand options can be overwhelming!