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If you’ve been using Adderall regularly for any extended period of time, you’re facing a multi-pronged challenge when you quit.First, you’ve most likely developed a strong psychological addiction and/or dependency on the way the drug makes you feel.Second, you’ll have to weather through physical effects of legitimate amphetamine withdrawal, as your body struggles to cope without a chemical stimulant you’ve come to lean heavily on over time.

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If you’re quitting Adderall, you probably haven’t been eating right, and your chances of having such nutritional deficiencies are even higher than the average person.Your transition away from Adderall will be much smoother if you pinpoint and correct these underlying deficiencies if you have them.Symptoms of iron deficiency include: low energy/feeling weak; pale skin lining your eyes, gums, and nails; excessive irritability; frequent head rushes when you stand up quickly; brittle and pale/white fingernails; rapid bounding heart rate; severe menstrual pain and bleeding; brittle hair and hair that falls out easily during gentle brushing; depression; headaches.Symptoms of zinc deficiency include: catching common colds easily; wounds that take a very long time to heal; skin conditions like acne, dermatitis, dandruff, psoriasis and eczema; hair loss; hang nails; white spots or lines in your nails; general skin rashes and dryness; depression; very bad PMS and other problems with the menstrual cycle.However, for a long time thereafter you’ll be dealing with the third prong of the problem, which is also physical: the dopamine deficiency you’ve created for yourself during years of Adderall abuse. Diet and exercise can help address all three parts of the problem to varying degrees—especially the dopamine deficiency.

The majority of us who originally began taking Adderall because we thought we really did have ADD/ADHD and it were most likely suffering from low-grade dopamine deficiency thanks to inadequate exercise and/or nutritional deficiencies, namely iron and zinc.

Approximately 70% of Americans are actually zinc deficient, and research has shown time and time again that zinc and iron deficiencies causes ADD-like symptoms.

Additionally, zinc is much more effective than placebo in treating children labeled as ADD/ADHD, and zinc and iron supplementation increases the effectiveness of medications like Adderall in treating ADD/ADHD.

Both iron and zinc are obtained from similar food sources and have to compete with each other for absorption, so if you are deficient in one, there is a good chance you are deficient in the other.

A doctor can determine with simple tests what your body’s levels of both are, and I would recommend doing this if you can before you decide to take iron and zinc supplements, because in taking too much of either can actually have a harmful effect on your body.

Keep in mind your body absorb up to about 30% of the zinc and iron you intake from animal sources, and significantly less from plant sources, plus the two have to compete with each other to be absorbed.