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Making unexpected gestures like this will demonstrate your goodwill and interest in impressing her. So many relationships start with the fireworks of romance and fizzle into complacency. Use romantic dating tips to win her over and then continue to impress her by applying what you’ve learned.

Obviously, you can feel her out through conversations. Perhaps the idea of a five-course meal in a fancy restaurant fills her with angst (who doesn’t panic about all those utensils! Maybe she has food allergies that would impact your restaurant choice.Asking the right questions will lead you to the personalized information you seek. You can be sure she’s told her BFFs about the best (and worst! They’ll know if she’s a go-out-for-a-formal-dinner kind of gal, or if she’d rather head for a leisurely walk on a sunset beach. Perhaps she’d be uncomfortable eating sloppy, messy foods in front of you early in your dating life.Your date will be even more impressed if you’ve made some effort to do unique things to appeal to the special person that she is. Historically red roses are the flowers of love and millions of guys have met their dates at the door with a bouquet in hand. And if you’re hoping for some intimate contact after the date, a super spicy meal may not be the best choice.If you’re looking for romantic dating tips, the first thing to remember is to think more about her than about you.If you make a sincere effort to learn about her likes and dislikes–what appeals to her and what doesn’t–you’ll have a better chance of stoking the embers of romance. The romantic dating tips that appealed to someone you dated in the past may not apply to the new woman in your life.

The most romantic thing you can do is to respect that she’s a unique individual.

If your efforts reflect that, she’ll appreciate you even more.

The best romantic dating tips tips involve finding out as much about her as you can and planning your date accordingly.

Notes Top Dating, “Romance is not in the grand gestures, it is in the small details.

Women will often say that it is the small things that matter.“ Here are some other suggestions: • Offer spontaneous expressions of affection, like an unexpected phone call, text or email to express how you feel. That takes serious effort, and to some extent, courage, in this age of electronic communications. • The way to your heart may be through your stomach, but that can be a two-way street.

A simple meal cooked by you will be interpreted as a romantic gesture, especially if you serve it in a candlelit setting. If you’re in a longer-term relationship, keeping the romance alive can help your intimacy grow.