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The video shows a live video preview of the person calling you before you even pick up the video call.

That way, the person on the other end can start waving or show you were they are before you even pick up.

It's actually a really cute feature, and I could see it being fun to use if you want to tease exciting news like concert tickets you got for your friend. Fox said that's because Apple doesn't allow third-party developers to access the lock screen, so instead a notification shows when a video call is coming.

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That's not to mention Skype and even Google Hangouts.So if it doesn't have any noticeably edgy or cool features, why download it?Fox argues there are two features that set it apart from its competitors: it's designed specifically for mobile and it's a cross-platform product, meaning you can download it on any device."We do believe that video calling should work for everyone," he said. It should work across Android and i OS." That could arguably be a jab at Face Time, which can only be used on i OS devices.But that doesn't really address other competitive apps like Snapchat, Facebook, or, yes, even Skype's mobile app.

People who want to make video calls to those with different phones already have an app that will get them there.

Google was sure to play up Duo's Knock-Knock feature at IO.

The tech giant first announced the app, Google Duo, at Google IO in May.

It's a simple, one-to-one messaging app that doesn't come with a lot of fanfare — you simply scroll through your contacts to see who has the app, click, and connect.

But as Nick Fox, vice president of Google's communications division, told Business Insider, that was intentional.

"I’d say if there’s kind of one North Star, it was making it super, super simple," Fox said. And we’re kind of maniacal about it — cutting features, turning away features, and making it really, really easy." Google Duo is entering a crowded space.