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} protected void Button1_Click(object sender, Event Args e) { Grid View1. Parse("0")); } protected void Grid View1_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) { Label Edit Message. Cancel = true; } } Here is the ASP source: " Delete Command='DELETE FROM "Register" WHERE "Sess_Num" = ? ' Insert Command='INSERT INTO "Register" ("Sess_Num", "Ptcpnt_SSN", "Credit_Type", "Pay_Code", "Stat", "Showed Up", "Confirmation_Notice", "Fee_Stat", "Pay_Date", "Pay_Amt", "Credit_Hours", "District_PO", "Credit_Card_Num", "Credit_Card_Type", "Credit_Card_Name", "Credit_Card_Expiration", "Check_Num", "Cash_Rcpt_Num", "Cert_Printed", "Fee_Amt", "Refund_Amt", "Date_Billed", "Dist_Code", "Camp_Code", "Billing_Name", "Billing_Addr_Line_1", "Billing_Addr_Line_2", "Billing_City", "Billing_State", "Billing_Zip") VALUES (? This way the designer is aware of the control(s) and the code for them gets generated correctly in the file.

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Html Controls; public partial class reg Grid Sess : System. Page { protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) { this. Connection String = "Dsn=MISDATA;uid=" + Session["uid"]. Visible = true; } protected void Text Box1_Text Changed(object sender, Event Args e) { Text Box1. So I tried using Find Control, and that fails with a null reference. It is there, I can see it, but Visual Web Developer refuses to acknowledge it's existence in the code behind file.

If I remove the code reference it builds fine and I can see the label with its default value when i debug, but I cannot reference the label in code. It's such a simple thing that I have done many times before. I had an almost identical problem once before in the page load event trying to set the Connection String property of an Sql Data Source. Then one day I deleted a validator element and it suddenly started working, and I replaced the validator and it kept on working, so I dismissed it as a fluke.

But now it is back, only this time with a label rather than an Sql Data Source. I've tried a number of variations, including setting the lable text in the page load event, but this is what I have currently, which is in a Row Updating event of a Grid View control.

I add a label to a page and set its ID to Label Edit Message and debug, and there it is.

Then in the code behind page (C#) I add a line of code Label Edit Message.

Text="test"; If I build, the build succeeds, but if I press the debug button it does another build that fails and tells me that Label Edit Message Does Not Exist in the Current Context.

Intellisense knows about it, and I use that to enter the reference to be sure I am not mispelling.