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As calculating the column index tends to be slightly more complicated, see the Calculating the Column Index topic to learn how to do it.

While modifying data (either through editing, insertion or deletion) a number of events are raised that you can handle.

Editing in a UI is specified by the fields of the editing configuration object.

Among them, you can find fields that enable/disable insertion and removing, as well as editing itself. In order to enable them, add the following code to the grid's configuration object.

Additionally, you can specify whether a user can edit values in a specific column.

For this purpose, use the allow Updating option of this column.

Editing in the dx Data Grid widget can be carried out in a row or batch mode.

To specify the mode, set the editing | mode option to the The form editing mode is technically equivalent to the row mode.The only difference is a visual presentation of a row in the editing state.When a row is being edited in the form mode, it transforms into a form as shown at the screenshot below.View Demo The aforesaid methods accept a row index or a column index as their parameters.When calculating the row index, note that if you have several pages in a grid, grid rows are indexed beginning with 0 on each page.If you use grouping in your grid, group rows are counted too and thus have row indexes, although they cannot be edited.