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The kids are all grown up, and so has the subject matter.Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is vastly more mature than the previous films.

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They've developed a great repoire over the years and know how to play to the larger audience. So it's nice that she had just a bit of light relief for all of us. I have to say that this, in terms of the comedy, is Rupert's finest hour.He's absolutely brilliant in the movie and kind of reveals himself to be a fantastic application of physical comedy. This was a great opportunity for me to dive a little bit deeper into Draco's head and discover that he really is a coward through and through.You balance the dramatic stuff as well, but the scene on the broomstick in quidditch is something like Buster Keaton. So it was fun to explore a bit deeper and make him more fundamentally three dimensionally.I think you got to more sort of look out with your character that comes.It's not just kind of one section at the beginning and then at the end of the film.

It's going to continue with development and so I was able to take the character and sort of had more to do.I think in the film you see quite a strong Hermione, quite a girl power Hermione.She's the brains behind the operation, but in this one I think that you see a very different Hermione. People ask if being Harry Potter helps you get girls. I was eight or nine when I started doing Harry Potter. Emma and Rupert, there was apparently a kissing scene filmed that didn't make it to the movie. And Rupert, can you talk about your snogging scene, if you had any preparation for that beforehand?She's much more fragile and vulnerable and emotional. I think she's very confused about how she feels about Ron and how upset she is when he kisses someone else. So I don't know what it's like to get girls without having the aid of it. Emma Watson: I think there might've been a small understanding.So it was a challenge for me to play this much more emotional and vulnerable person. In some cases I don't have time to have a girlfriend. The kissing scene that they have is in the seventh film.It was also fun to do a lot more comedy with Rupert [Grint]. The big change for Harry this year is his relationship with Dumbledore. So it wasn't that we did it and it was shit and didn't make it.