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RE: That’s a great question that I haven’t thought about. One is that he only wanted it as a manipulation to keep her closer, to make their bond tighter. His job was to make Liz feel like everything was OK, everything was going fine. That’s how she’s going to change — she knows what she did wrong.

, a compelling drama that returns to Global on Monday night.The series is centred on FBI agent Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) and her search for answers from both Tom, the man she thought was her loving husband (Ryan Eggold), and Raymond Reddington, a slick felon (James Spader) helping her track down dangerous criminals.Boone and Eggold sat down with Global News in June to talk about season one and what might be ahead.Did you know from the beginning that Tom wasn’t who he appeared to be?Megan Boone: I knew about the Tom reveal and that made it a very unique experience because when you know all along what’s coming you have to play against that a little bit.

Ryan Eggold: There were different incarnations of Tom.I knew there was something coming and then as the season went on it sort of took shape and was constantly shifting in a great way.Do you think Tom really wanted to have a baby with Liz or was it only part of his cover? MB: It was his job, like he said in one of the episodes. She chose to believe things in midst of glaring signs and I know she takes responsibility for that.If Tom lives in season two, the question is where do these two people go from here? It’s going to be the first time they relate to each other honestly, which never happened in knowing each other — which interests me a great deal because it’s like, ‘OK, you shot me in the stomach three times. RE: I had this sweet older lady come up the other day. Do you open the script hoping Liz gets to smile and lighten up a bit?She said, ‘Why are you such a bitch to poor Lizzie?! MB: I love the opportunity to sort of break out of the recurring actions of Liz Keen.With the show, you have to be well-paced in your release and movement of the character, so it requires some patience on the part of the creative side to live with a way of doing things for a certain period of time.