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After participating in an illegal match race at the end of season three, troubled teen-turned jockey Kris Furillo (Genevieve Cortese) has lost her jockey license and her relationship with the Ritters, who own Raintree Horse Ranch.

Regardless, both head separate ways: Kris, to the bus station; Dani, to a new life without her father and brother in control. Kris is keeping a low profile in Colorado making money jockeying for illegal races.

Dani is opening up the Danielle Davis Equine Center with the hopes of getting her reputation and eventually her horse racing license.

Beauty & Self Books & Music Career Computers Education Family Food & Wine Health & Fitness Hobbies & Crafts Home & Garden Money News & Politics Relationships Religion & Spirituality Sports Travel & Culture TV & Movies Guest Author - Cheril Vernon Season four of ABC Familys original series Wildfire is full of change. Upset and driving in the rain, Dani doesnt see a herd of cows in the road, but Kris does, and in the knick of time, prevents them from having a wreck.

Blaming Kris for the loss of her horse racing license, Dani offers to take the hitchhiking Kris to the bus station.

Kris bolts town after disappointing everyone and losing her place at Raintree, thumbing for a ride.

Davis Farms daughter Dani Davis (Nicole Tubiola) has lost her horse racing license and her edge in running the family business to her father Ken Davis (James Read) and brother Junior Davis (Ryan Sypek).

Jean and Pablo make it abundantly clear that they are done with Kris. She sees the near-wreck as a life-changing event and has opened the clinic on a positive note.

No longer living under her fathers thumb, she is independent. Noahs assistant at Danis clinic, which will keep her around at least until Dr. There are many questions this season: Will Wildfire race again? She asks Kris to stay with her while shes in town to see Wildfires match. Noah suggests a new, yet risky surgery that saves Wildfires life. Matt Ritter (Micah Alberti) is still pining for Kris, who he hasnt seen or heard from in six months.Hes not happy with his mothers (Jean Ritter Nana Visitor) decision to sell the racing horses and turn Raintree into a dude ranch. As Wildfires owners, Jean and Pablo Betart (Greg Serano) are thinking about retiring Wildfire. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission. Junior is now in love with Laura, a girl he met on that same rainy night when Kris left, and is ready to marry her. With news about Wildfires possible retirement and a lead from his uncle about Kris whereabouts, Matt heads to Colorado to find Kris and to ask her to come back to Raintree. She doesnt see a future with Matt because she knows that Jean will never forgive her for the illegal match that led to Raintrees demise. His dad is thrilled, as she is the daughter of a very influential politician with strings in the horse racing business. But the thought of Wildfire being retired makes Kris decide to hop a bus to California back to Raintree and back into the chaotic mess of a life that she left six months ago. Matt is still in love with Kris, and it appears Junior still has feelings for her even though he is engaged.