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If TSD is used in a way that needs many unique API calls in a short period (like using variable (see tsdrc-section).

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-- This is a optional JSON encoded file to define global settings.TSD looks for it in the user's home director (eg: The OAuth token can be used to boost the Github API rate-limit from 60 to 5000 (non-cached) requests per hour. 👈👍 API export is somewhat experimental; take care to lock versions and test on upgrade.The is token needs just 'read-only access to public information' so no additional OAuth scopes are necessary. If you plan to use TSD as module in a tool or project then feel free to leave a message and coordinate stuff. The Github API has a 60-requests-per-hour rate-limit for non-authenticated use.You'll likely never hit this as TSD uses local caching and the definition files are downloaded from Github RAW urls.If you need some more then a scope-limited Github OAuth token can be used to boost the limit to 5000.

The CLI tool tracks some usage statistics about what definitions are installed though TSD in Google Analytics (using universal-analytics).

There is also a update-notifier service to check for TSD updates. The official plugin is grunt-tsd, and the community created gulp-tsd.

There are various ways to select files from the repository index.

TSD uses a (globbing) path + filename selector to query the Definitely Typed index.

The results can then be modified using various filters: Note how the definition filename takes priority: Path to the typings directory, the definitions will be installed in the appropriate sub-folders.

Change this to have typings in your main code directory, but this is not recommended as the mixed styles used in the definitions it will confuse your inspections and lint-tools..