Sex cam prank

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Model Pranksters TV also adopts a coin trick to show you "how to kiss any girl," using a double-sided coin, of course. So Flo Antonio's attempt at kissing girls without talking to them has been viewed 1.5 million times, and the discomfort from all the victims of his pickup attempts is palpable.

The creepiest entry in this genre belongs to Garrett Garcia AKA Overboard Humor, who enlists the help of his friend Ashley to kiss women by feeding her lines to say to strangers through an earpiece. " and "my retard senses are tingling." It's been viewed 1.3 million times.

The short bio included in the video description states, ""Tricks" to photograph women's breasts are popular too.

Repeat offender So Flo Antonio develops another rigged magic trick which has close to 2 million views.

On Monday it was made apparent that You Tube can't keep up with the volume of its comments, and today, as Laci points out, it's obvious that they can't police their own content, either.

Pepper's two groping videos were taken down, but what about the dozens of channels pulling aggressive, misogynistic stunts just like him?

They're not some tiny cabal deep within the site's bowels; they're a huge, highly-viewed and highly-connected network sitting right at the surface. For that reason, we will not be embedding any of the videos we mention herein.

One of the most common varieties of these pranks involves tricking women into kissing men, often through some rigged "magic trick." Prank Invasion's method involves declaring "heads I win, tails you lose" and has garnered 2.5 million views.

Limitless EXP approaches strangers and asks to take selfies with them.

The pics he takes descend lower and lower so as to record random women's cleavage.

The Viral Brothers' "How To Get A Girl To Show You Boobs Prank" involves using a ringtone meant to mimic the sound of a bee and placing it near a woman on the beach tanning her back with her bikini strap undone.