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The girl, identified as Lena Jan Parsons, only 16 at the time, allegedly told Lowe that she was 21, and ended up having sex with the actor later that night in his hotel room.

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Rob Lowe recently showed his disappointment in NFL player Cam Newton by posting a disdainful tweet that’s backfired on the actor so much that Twitter users are letting him know that they “never forget.” reports that Lowe, 51, didn’t take kindly to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton walking out of a post-Super Bowl game press conference on Sunday evening.He took to Twitter to sarcastically call Newton “classy,” and insinuate the quarterback is a bad role model to children.Unfortunately for Lowe, that one tweet brought up discussion about Lowe’s own morality and what happened in Atlanta decades ago.In 1988, while attending a Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, Lowe, then 24, went to a nightclub, where he met an underage girl.In 2013, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady walked out of a post-game press conference after losing the Super Bowl game to the Miami Dolphins.

Yet, the criticism he received paled in comparison to the negativity surrounding Newton.“He was called immature and moody during his first couple of NFL seasons because he sometimes sat alone on the sideline with a towel over his head when the team was losing. Although it’s been nearly 30 years since the incident took place, many Twitter users are reminding Lowe of his indiscretions and blasting him for stating someone else is unclassy when he slept with a 16-year-old. In a tweet that he quickly deleted, sports commentator Bill Romanowski wrote, “You will never last in the NFL with attitude.The world doesn’t revolve around you boy, #Cam Newton.” After suffering backlash himself, Romanowski apologized for his tweet, but it was Lowe who received the harshest reactions.From being called a statutory rapist to a child molester, Newton fans didn’t hold back on the actor.Some Twitter users pointed out that other NFL players walked away from conferences, as well, but never received the criticism that Newton is getting, not only from Lowe and Romanowski, but from numerous other Twitter users who expressed their disappointment.